My dad was a simple person who worked hard to raise his family. Most of his life centered around profession and caring for family. The word ‘hobby’ would be considered foreign to him. His only quality was that he lived his life based on integrity and hard work. Never compromising these values, he raised his family and did his bit for society. He always looked contended, probably because he never had any personal ambitions.

While my dad has a very modest introduction, Albert Einstein needs NO introduction. He is arguably the most known person on this planet. Anyone who is even remotely connected to science would know him. Most others would also have heard his name. His theory of relativity crossed science circles and percolated social life in many ways. Time travel has been a theme of numerous movies. The concept that mass can be converted to energy and back is another popular science fiction theme. His theory is also central to vast amount of humor. Einstein is equally famous for his quotations related to life and philosophy.

So, where is the comparison between my dad and Einstein! Seems there IS no comparison.

Well, let’s flip the coin and see the other side.

How would my life be different if Einstein was never born?

Well scientific progress would have probably trailed by couple of years, but for my life – probably that would have made absolutely no difference. I could have found plenty of other famous high achievers as role models if I wanted to.

I can’t imagine my life if my dad was not around when I was growing up. At best, I would have had some other father figure, potentially as much or more competent than my dad. But still, seeing everyone around having ‘real’ dad, I would have still felt a void. With his basic simplicity, humbleness, integrity, putting family’s needs before his own, and not to forget – hard work, my dad has instilled in me all these qualities. He has not only given me tools to be a person of integrity myself, but also motivation and desire to carry the torch and impart the same values to my kids and others in my area of influence. There is no one who could have substituted my dad and in his absence I could definitely not be the person I am today. He is undoubtedly my biggest hero.

Coming back to original question – ‘where is the comparison between my dad and Einstein!’ ironically my original observation was correct –

There INDEED is no comparison.

My dad has always been and will always be my biggest hero.

Look closely, not even Einstein is not your biggest hero, it is your parents.

Happy father’s day.

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