The other day I was on the treadmill and suddenly GOD (yes the real GOD) appeared and said – “hey, if you do one hour of workout wholeheartedly I will refund your time”.

“What do you mean?”, I blurted out.

“I will extend your life by 1 hour”, GOD said.

It was an unbelievable offer, almost too good to be true so hesitantly I said -”I hope during that extra hour, I will be in good health and not sick or about to die”.

“Being GOD, do you think I will play with words!”, GOD replied.

That was enough assurance. The offer was good for anytime I did a workout in future. So anytime I would workout wholeheartedly, my life would be extended by as much time. It was unbelievable!

The mistake I made was that I got too excited and so suddenly woke up from my dream!

To be truthful, it was a daydream. I was actually on a treadmill, feeling bored and had drifted in some wishful thinking.

However, suddenly it dawned on me that perhaps I already had that offer! Here is how –

Take a long span of say 20 years and imagine you workout 1 hour, 5 times a week (sufficient to maintain perfect health) regularly.

Assuming you follow this routine for 50 weeks per year (hey, 2 weeks of time off :)) –

Number of hours of workout in 20 years = 50*5*20=5000.

That comes to about 7 months of totoal workout (50000/24/30).

Now imagine a second scenario where you do not follow the above routine and instead live a sedentary life for 20 years.

Don’t you think during those 20 years or later, by following the healthier routine, you would enjoy at least an extra seven months of better health or longevity.

Hope you get the point.

With this eye opening revelation, I realized that I had finished my one hour of workout. But oh no!, I had been lost in my thoughts and my workout was far from being wholehearted – a condition GOD had put in place. I feel devastated. My this hour probably won’t be refunded. :(:(:.


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