“Our beliefs underlie and influence everything we do and everything we are. The power of beliefs has nothing to do with whether they are true – most aren’t.

It’s how tightly we cling to them that allows them to shift our energy and shape our lives. Every action we take is based on our belief system. Our emotions evolve out of them, our relationships, our self-image, it’s part of how our ancestors survived those early days…”

– from the book “Imperfect Spirituality” by Polly Campbell.

Is it true then that we are governed by our beliefs, which are often wrong and off course we ourselves feel they are right? Sounds a bit scary – it seems like we are trapped but don’t even know we are trapped!

We may set noble goals and go after them with full energy and good attitude but if both the goals and the efforts are influenced by our (faulty) belief system, we are only going to meet with less success and more frustration.!

Does it mean that rather than setting major goals or embarking upon something like creating a “Personal Mission Statement” which is often recommended, do you agree that one should take a good look at one’s belief system first?

Invite your valuable comments..

(hope you are not thinking this post is crap and Neeraj’s belief system needs a checkup!)


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