Human body houses trillions of bacteria.

Can you imagine that one of those bacteria during its lifespan of couple of hours is able to figure out that it is indeed out there with trillions of companions! It further figures out that they all are housed in something called human which has a lifespan of around 100 years!

All this may sound way beyond imagination – to the extent of being a non sense.  But think of it, that is what we humans are.

Within a span of couple of centuries (or couple of thousand, if you start from early research), we have figured out that we are part of this Universe, which has a life of billions of years and houses trillions of planets and stars!

This is just one example. There are numerous examples which show that we are truly unique, amazing and fortunate beings.

There is absolutely no reason that you should feel anything other than ‘blissful and fully content’ under any circumstances in any moment of your life.


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